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  • We are also able to make one off custom parts to ensure that your car is completely unique.

  • We work with the best in the industry, Alspeed Racing Technology. ART has been in the business of modifying and customizing performance cars for more than 15 years and are widely acknowledged to be the best in the industry

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Customize your car with Alspeed Racing Technology

Over the years we have carried out many highly unique and tasteful customisation projects. We have always had a 100% satisfaction rate and we stand by our work. We work with you to suit your budget and requirements thereby delivering you the car of your dreams.

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We offer many services including the following:

Turbo Modifications.
Supercharger Modifications.
Engine Management.
Serial Port Programming.
Custom Exhausts.
Nitrous Oxide Installations.
Nitrous Tank Refils.
Brake Upgrades.
Advanced Engine Diagnostics.
Custom Alarm Installations.
Vehicle Servicing & Repairs.
Dyno Tuning on our own rolling road Dyno.

Come and visit us at 235 Lawrence Road, Crawford, Cape Town
Ph: 021-6971920 or 0871505487

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